You can adjust the settings for monthly data volume and multi-day data allowance.

1.Monthly Data Volume

Contracted Data Usage Limit

Please enter the monthly data allowance you have agreed with your mobile carrier.

Amount of Data Already Used

Please enter the amount of data you have already used for the month; this amount will only be valid for the month in which the value has been entered.

This amount will be used for adjustment purposes during the month the measurement has begun, or when a big measurement error has occurred.


If your contract with a mobile carrier lets you roll over unused data, please select “Yes”.

Your unused data will be rolled over from the current month to the next.

To set the rollover value from the previous month, select “Used Data” under “Data Volume” from the menu on the left and tap the “Rollover” button on the upper right corner.

Rollover Increments

Please select in what increments the data will be rolled over.

You can find this information on the website of your mobile carrier.

Bill End Date

Please set the end date for your mobile phone billing cycle.

2.Multi-day Data Allowance

Total Number of Days

You can specify the number of days for which your most recent data volume will be added up.

Data Usage Limit

You can set a data limit for which the bandwidth throttling will start to be applied.

4.Data Traffic