Left and Right buttons

Information regarding today’s movements or past travel logs will be displayed on the map or in the list format

1. What is displayed

  (1) On the Map screen

The place(s) you stayed/visited on that particular day are indicated with pins, while the routes you took are shown with lines.

The time and distance traveled as well as average speed for the day are shown under the map.

However, please note that information such as the routes and distance traveled will not be displayed when showing the log for a particular year or month, or for the entire period that the app has been used.

Pin colors

    Red:     Notes available

    Blue:    Photo(s) available

    Brown: Voice memo(s) available

Route colors

    Red:         Traveled at high speed

                     (by vehicles, etc.)

    Magenta: Traveled at mid speed

                    (by bicycles, etc.)

    Blue:       Traveled at low speed

                    (by foot)

When displaying the log for the day (today), the current status will be displayed near the bottom of the map.

There are four status types: detecting a stop, currently stopped, detecting travel, and currently traveling .

The place(s) you have stayed/visited will not be recorded if you traveled while the app is detecting a stop.

This status can be changed from the Travel button as explained later.

In addition, the levels of positioning (GPS) accuracy are depicted using different colors

    Blue:     GPS accuracy high

    Yellow:  GPS accuracy medium

    Red:      GPS accuracy low

  (2) On the List screen


The upper part displays a map for the locations on the list that are currently visible on the screen, and the bottom part shows the places you stayed/visited as well as information regarding movements.

As you scroll through the list, the map will also change to indicate the locations on the list that are now visible on the screen.

The same is true for travel distance and speed information.


Using the pin

  (Only the information is displayed when the list

  is shown.)

Tap: Shows the time of stay/visit and written

         notes or location name.

         Tapping on the “i” button will display

         the details.

Press down: Enables a move to another location.

Date button

By tapping on the date at the top of the screen, a calendar for that month opens

Under each date on the calendar, the number of places stayed/visited on that day are shown, along with the number of notes written, voice memos recorded, and photos taken

Tapping on a date will bring up a map data for that particular day

By tapping on the “Specify a Date” button, you will be able to select a specific date from a date scroller

Airplane/Map ButtonIn Map)

Pressing on this button will show aerial photography and regular map, respectively.

Search ButtonIn List)

This button can be used to change the information for a place you have stayed/visited

You may select from nearby locations.

It is also possible to register a place on your own.

Pressing on the Left button will show the data for previous day, while the Right button will show the data for next day.

If no data exists, the data for the closest date will be displayed.

No right button exists if today’s data is shown.

Action buttonIn Map)

Pressing on this button will change the order of locations in the list.

Up/Down buttonIn List)

You can write short notes or record voice memos for the current location of stay/visit or travel data.

Each voice memo can be at the maximum 60 seconds long, and multiple voice memos can be recorded for each day.

Notes and Voice Memo buttons

You can change your movement record settings

Please be aware that the more detailed you record your movements, the higher your battery consumption will be

Movements buttonToday Only)

Your current status at the present location (whether you are stopped or traveling) can be changed.

Travel button Today Only)

Screenshots and map data files can be produced.

Map data files can be displayed in Google Maps, etc.