You can adjust the settings for acquiring photos.

1.Settings for Acquiring Photos

Automatically Acquire Photos switch

Photos in your camera roll will be automatically imported into AutoDiary+.

How the photos are imported will depend on which of the following settings you select.

How the photos are acquired

-View mode

Within AutoDiary+, only the thumbnails (about 70KB/photo) are saved and these are displayed when you access the “Photos” menu; the photos in your camera roll are viewed when accessing the original data.

The app will take up a small portion of your iPhone storage space, but you will no longer be able to access a photo if it is deleted from your camera roll.

-Import mode

The photos are copied to AutoDiary+ from your camera roll.

The photos can be saved regardless of whether or not they remain in your camera roll, but the app will take up a large portion of your iPhone storage space.

Delete from iPhone

When a photo is deleted from your camera roll, you will be able to choose whether or not you want to delete the thumbnail data within AutoDiary+.

File Format

You can choose whether to acquire only the photos that are JPEG or HEIC, or all the photos stored in your camera roll.

For Already Acquired Photos

You can choose what to do if the data you acquired already exists within AutoDiary+.

2.Quality Settings for Acquired Photos

These settings will be displayed only when you have selected the Import mode

In the upper part of the settings, the average size of the original data that will be copied to AutoDiary+ is shown, along with the modified copy size that depends on what you select for the two settings below


Please select the size of the photo data that you will be copying,

Data size increases from left to right,


This allows for the data size to be adjusted,

Data size becomes smaller as you move the slider toward “L,” but the images will be grainy,