Privacy Policy


We pay close attention to the management of personal information, which we handle as follows.

To improve the convenience of the app, we take the utmost care in analyzing the access status within the scope of preserving the anonymity of the individuals so that they are kept unidentifiable.

For example, if the app crashes, it anonymously transmits information on which part of the app has crashed and uses this information to quickly fix the bug.

We also analyze the usage rate of a device, an app version, a particular function, etc., and utilize these information to improve the app.

  1. The access mentioned above refers to the access to the official server that is involved in the development of iOS; we will never access our company’s server or the server of our affiliated company.

  2. The app’s Help screen has a function you may use to send e-mail with your opinions, requests, or bug reports.

  3. We will never provide information to a third party.

* If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.